Smart Seeder Max

The Game has Changed

The SMART Seeder MAX is at the forefront of the digital age of agriculture, encapsulating our award-winning innovations in true variable rate seeding, planting technologies and powerful software advancements to facilitate progress for the modern farmer in a single machine.

Our technology parallels the rise of agriculture’s digital age. It’s the only seeding and planting platform offering finite VR control of up to 5 independent products as well as 6 in ground placement options per row, totalling 60 independent rows of highly advanced digital metering systems and seed singulation, providing high resolution prescription input accuracy like no other platform.

Why a

Smart Seeder Max

It is the benchmark in precision seeding.

Row by Row
Variable Rate

Whether you are running flat rate across your fields or utilizing HD field prescriptions, the SMART Seeder with its unique variable rate delivery system, applies precise rates for up to five different products, independently at each opener over the span of the entire drill. With infinite row by row variable product resolution from zero to 250 lbs of product per product per row up to 1000 lbs of product per acre (based on 4.5 mph operating speed).

5 Unique Products
Unrivalled Control

Our proprietary Cushion Drive Digital Metering system is seamlessly monitored and controlled by SeedSync to maximize high resolution application and apply even ounces of product per acre. Ensuring accurate and reliable metering of your products.

With 240 volumetric Cushion Drive meters and an optional 60 (MAX-5 Model) mounted just 18” over top of each DX opener, SMART Seeder MAX is the ultimate in Precision Seeding giving almost singulation in all crops including small and large seeds as well as the precision required to accurately put amendments and low rate micro nutrients in the furrow.


Max-S Singulation*
Metering Option

SeedSync ONE is the new vacuum seed meter adapted, developed, and prepared for Clean Seed by J.Assy.

The meter is designed in a way that is easy to handle and maintains high levels of singulation performance.

  • Robust - designed and tested to hold up to tough field conditions for years of service providing high quality singulation and seed spacing
  • No meter adjustments required
  • Practical: Only one kit required per crop type consisting of one seed disk, singulator and debris ejector, for quick and easy changeover
  • Exclusive seed disc window allows you to see it running in real time to get a “visual” performance check
  • Industry leading high performance planting


Unleash the Power of Agronomy


SeedSync sophisticated operations dashboard offers unrivalled control of the seeding operation of SMART Seeder MAX and SMART Seeder MAX-S providing accurate telemetry of ongoing singulation and volumetric seeding output and prescription input control.

Turn Compensation

The SMART Seeder features drill wide turn compensation. During a turn SeedSync and the SMART Meters make near constant adjustments to product rates on each opener row – drill wide. These adjustments included increasing or decreasing row by row metering speeds to maintain consistent input rates on the inside and the outside of the drill at all times.

Automatic True
Overlap Protection

As the SMART Seeder enters an area of overlap, each individual row automatically recognizes its relative position and turns the metering on and off as needed to avoid overlapping application of inputs. SeedSync will notify the operator to make a pass adjustment.


The SMART Seeder combines precision with accuracy by delivering high resolution seed and fertilizer prescriptions down to the square foot across every row of the drill. The flawless integration of soil maps allows for maximum return on agronomic data and boosts production of every single furrow.

Merge variable rate agronomy with up to five individual products and you unlock the capability of placing single nutrients (or blending on the fly) accurately without losing efficiency at seeding.


Seamless Intercropping
and Cover Cropping

Intercropping made easy by all models of SMART Seeder MAX with multi-hybrid, cover cropping and custom row capability. User is able to define seeding row spacing in 3 configurations - 12”, 24” and 36”. Intercropping can be setup so each crop type has its own seeding depth, fertilizer and amendments to maximize the return for this regenerative agricultural practice.


Unique Lead Coulter
Row Units

Unique opener with Coulter and shank combination works for all field conditions with effective field trash flow through staggered rows and rotating offset. Easy to adjust depth and down force control with six selectable in ground product placement options for max productivity. Seed safe 2.5” vertical separation of in furrow fertility for root zone variable spacing at 12”, 24” and 36” with DX opener lockup.

Smart DX Triple Shot
Opener Blade

Our triple shot opener has the ability to precisely place products through any of its three apertures offering full time deep band, side band and paired row placements. Its unique design increases the volume of fertilizer that can be placed with the seed along with the added benefit of placing fertilizer deep (below the seed) all while maximizing seed safety.

Increasing seed safety has proven to increase emergence on sensitive crops like canola.

Our opener gives distribution options for immobile nutrients like P to be placed near the seed in a separate band away from the seed and also separate from the rich deep N band.

Maximum Seed Safety, Near Endless Combinations

*Select a number for placement options


Superior moisture migration through pore spaces for better germination in DRY CONDITIONS.


Increased moisture movement through soil. Enhanced water infiltration after rain, avoiding a saturation environment in WET CONDITIONS.


Unique furrow and placement creates a near perfect growing environment.

Our lead Coulter and triple shoot opener have the ability to fracture soil below the furrow. This fracturing breaks up compaction, increases soil aeration and improves water infiltration. The end result is deeper rooting depths, better moisture storage and better drought tolerance.


The SMART Seeder MAX is paired with either the 7204 or 7605 bulk transfer cart in a 720 or 760 bushel capacity, transporting up to five individual products in the mini tanks that supply each row’s Cushion Drive meters virtually eliminating downtime to the seeding operation.

Our transfer cart is manufactured using high grade stainless steel for unrivalled protection and corrosion resistance.

Bulk Clean-Out Made
Easy with - Velocity

Clean out is a breeze with the onboard Velocity conveyer system. Our patented 10” belted conveyor delivers up to 100 bushels per minute of product flow.


Current Air Seeders

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